Lets us use our experience on your behalf, we can review your processes and system landscape, to identify ways to improve how you use your data.


Integration of new software can be a real headache, we know how to do it painlessly.

Software Development

Songbird can draw on many years of experience in object-oriented software development.

Quality is important for us. The software we build goes through a tough testing process. We ensure that our software is reliable and robust.

Songbird GmbH.

Songbird GmbH was founded in Zürich in 2013.

We built our software to be:

  • as simple as possible
  • as complex as necessary
  • fast and efficient in the central task
  • modular and adaptable
  • robust, reliable and secure


David Wilson, founder.

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland. In Zürich since 1990. He has many years of experience in IT as software developer, solution architect, project manager, department manager, quality officer.